Vana Tisanes | Hormones Herbal Tea

The balancing of hormones is a dance of the mind and body, where both influence the other to make more or less of specific hormones. The herbs we have specifically chosen offer the benefits of: -Supports the pathways in the brain that are responsible for producing and administering hormones in your body.

-Hormone balance by working directly on the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus to regulate hormone production. -Detoxification of the body, which plays a crucial role in detoxifying excess hormones in the body. -Supports healthy estrogen levels by improving brain-organ communication and modulating cell receptors. -Contains compounds to increase testosterone production and decrease the enzyme activity that is responsible for converting testosterone to DHT, preserving testosterone levels in the body.

Ingredients: Ashwagandha Root, Black Cohosh Root, Chaste Tree Berries, Dandelion Root, Dong Quai Root, Fenugreek Seed, Holy Basil Leaf, Raspberry Leaf, Saw Palmetto Berry