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In this workshop we will explore Tarot from the Hermetic esoteric perspective, with discussions of both analytical and intuitive reading modalities. We will delve into the Major and Minor Arcana, the four suits and their elemental correspondences, the numerology of tarot, and interpreting the Court Cards in readings.  This course will be taught primarily using the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, which most modern tarot decks are based on today. 

We will look at various spreads and how to find relationships between the cards, as well as look at various decks and how they differ in their depiction of the cards. A reading demonstration and explanation of how the cards are being interpreted will conclude the workshop.

Following the workshop you will be invited to attend other short sessions that will go further into different aspects of the cards that will be held bi-weekly and feature special guests. We want to help you grow your practice and find the way of using tarot that suits you best.

This workshop is limited to 10 people–please register early! 

This course is taught by Serra Jaggar, owner of Indie South, who has had a lifelong interest in mysticism and the occult. She began studying tarot as a teenager and has returned to it many times in the course of her life, becoming a more serious student about 6 years ago. During that time she has read countless books, studied in multiple online courses, and learned from many readers in person. She is endlessly fascinated by tarot and the neverending learning process and study of the cards.


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