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A Workshop with Autumn Weaver 

Part of an on-going series of classes and workshops for the modern mystic

Come join us for an evening of simple ritual & exploration of the mystical side of life as we discuss candle magick!  Flame is an ancient, universal method for immediate focus and activation...  it captivates, it transports & it ignites.  Candles are said to contain all 5 elements, making them a potent vehicle for spellwork, prayers & petitions.  

This method of magic-making is highly accessible & versatile, so this class is perfect for beginners.  Candle Magick is experiential in nature, and participants will have the opportunity to apply the techniques we learn in real time, creating a ritual candle to take home with them. 

 During the workshop we’ll cover:

  • what types/sizes of candles to use & when 
  • color correspondences, carving & dressing candles
  • aligning candle magick with lunar phases, astrological events & other holy days
  • easy, efficient ways to incorporate candle magick into our existing practices 

The workshop is limited to 10 participants.  We’ll gather Monday, April 26th from 5:30 to 7pm, outside at IndieSouth in a socially distanced way.  Masks are required to attend.  Your $20 fee covers the class & materials.  Register below!