Tarot & Tea Meetups

Our Tarot meetups are back! We are excited to offer these mini-classes for folks wanting to get together to explore, learn, and practice with cards. We'll also have some teas on hand along with a kettle of hot water :)

Each session we will focus on a theme, including specific cards, spreads, decks, storytelling through tarot, and more. Participants are encouraged to bring their own decks and materials, but it is not required.

We will also set aside time to practice readings with each other and hone skills.

This week's focus will be on the scary cards of the tarot, like the Devil, Tower, and Death, plus several Swords, and how to find the empowerment in those cards for yourself and your querants. We'll also explore 3 card spreads. 

Registration is just $10


WHEN: Last Thursday of every month @ 6-8pm 

Where:Indie South - 470 Hawthorne Ave Athens, GA 30606


Please use the form below to sign up and submit your $10 registration fee: