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Serra is a lifelong mystic who was drawn to the unseen side of life from a young age.  After dabbling in tarot for decades, she became more serious about the cards, expanding her knowledge through reading, online study, and practice with friends, strangers, and other readers. She enjoys the way tarot engages both the left and right brain for a truly unique perspective on situations and people, with synchronistic messages often emerging from the cards.

Her approach to tarot is both analytical and intuitive and her readings have a strong basis in the western esoteric traditions. She believes that tarot works best as a dialogue between the querant and the reader, as they explore the energies and possibilities around a situation together, to divine the best approach to achieve the desired outcome.

A tarot reading with Serra is more consultation than fortune telling, and she is not a psychic medium. That said, clients are often surprised at what comes up in a reading and the uncanny guidance given by the cards specific to their situation.

Right now offerings include 30 minute readings for $30 and 60 minute readings for $60. Occasionally she takes walk-ins for 3 card mini readings for $15 each.

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