Spell Chime Candles

These 4 Inch spell chime candles are 1/2" in diameter. Each 4 Inch spell chime candle is solid-colored throughout. 

  • Estimated burn time is 1.5 to 2 hours
  • For use in Rituals, Ceremonies, Vigils, Holidays, Religious Events, Parties, Emergencies.

  • Pink spell candles are perfect for femininity, romance, harmony, love and affection. Creating a strong love bond.
  • Red spell candles are perfect for love spells and passion.
  • Blue spell candles are perfect for healing and well being, inner calmness and healing, rest and patience. Healing yourself from inside out.
  • Orange spell candles are perfect for attraction, stimulation and fertility.
  • White spell candles are used for many different spells. If you are seeking truth, or want protection, want to cleanse or heal, meditation or summoning spirit guides. White represents light, peace and purity. 
  • Black spell candles are used to get rid of negative energy around you. The color black has both positive and negative uses and meanings. Black can be associated with evil,   fear or even power and sophistication. Black is used to mourn a loved ones passing. Black can also help for deep meditation. In short, it will perform based on how it is used...
  • Silver spell candles are perfect for influence and enchantment, fame and money,  spiritual protection and purity, clarity and beginnings, ambition and awareness.
  • Gold spell candles are perfect for confidence and creativity, solar energy and   awareness, abundance and money, power and security, success and wealth!
  • Green spell candles are widely used in many different spells and meditations. Green is   known for unconditional love and acceptance. It attracts an abundance of good luck and prosperity. Green Symbolizes devotion, forgiveness, balance and hope.
  • Gray spell candles are perfect for balance and imagination, energy and patience,  spiritual protection and stability, wisdom and peace.
  • Lavender spell candles are perfect for when you want to bring tranquility and calmness into your life. Peace and blessings, spiritual growth or protection, compassion and inspiration.
  • Purple spell candles are perfect for awakening your third eye chakra, past-life and to tell your fortune, remove curses or bring about financial success, royalty and mastery. Purple itself is associated with royalty and has been known for it's ancient powers of wisdom. No spell chest should be out of Purple!
  • Brown spell candles are perfect for stability and balance, attracts money and wealth, grounding and agriculture. Brown symbolizes the earth and hence is a part of Earth magick and home magick.